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Time for more plans, challenges, and fun, but first - a recap of 2020!

Pandemic situation

Needless to explain, the pandemic made 2020 a very challenging year for the whole world. We got used to living in different ways in a bitter reality. That resulted in reorganizing our time both at home and at work.

Luckily for TDCM, these changes did not significantly affect the number of projects, their size, or the quality of work. We missed being in the office but we coped with remote work brilliantly and we still do!

New colleagues

We are proud to have strengthened our team with valuable new members. We hired as many as fourteen talented, amazing people, including eight extraordinary women! We support women in the IT world and are pleased that so many of them want to work with us. It's worth remembering that the pioneers in the field of IT development were women, as mentioned in our article about 'Straight to the moon!'.

As we were getting to know each other better, we discovered that we had many common interests. As you might expect, most of these include playing online games, but that’s not all. We found out that we share a mutual love of music, we play numerous musical instruments and also spend our time playing board games. Another passion we share is reading. We exchange our favorite titles on our book channel and talk about different authors over coffee. Yes, having coffee breaks together is still our ritual.

New projects

The year 2020 brought about some new projects and challenges that we happily took on!

One we are proud to mention is Rival. The goal of RivalCI was to offer competitive intelligence tools to marketers, UX researchers, and entrepreneurs. It was meant to capture changes that competitor businesses are making across many different areas of business.

It is common knowledge that in IT a lot of projects are top secret. We give great care to our customer’s privacy and safety, so we mustn’t share some interesting, but sensitive, information. "White label" in business is our daily bread and we'll write more about it very soon.

Nevertheless, the technologies we used in the creation process are definitely worth mentioning. React Native was a top solution among technologies as well as AWS, JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and Python. In addition, almost every week we explored, deepened, and shared knowledge about other new technologies as part of our 'tech lecture'.


“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” - Oprah Winfrey

One of our biggest celebrations last year took place in July. We were awarded the title of the best web and app developers and one of the best B2B companies in Poland for 2020 by Looking at some of the reviews on their website, we have no doubt that the satisfaction of our customers is the best reward we could get!

Following Oprah’s words, we expect 2021 to be even more successful and full of reasons to celebrate.

Our goals, promises, and hopes for 2021?

-> We are not slowing down and we are going to continuously develop our skills, extend our team, and build new complex projects. -> You can be sure that we will still do what we love most, and have even more fun doing it. -> We are looking forward to new technological challenges, ambitious projects and meeting inspiring people. -> We will make sure that cooperation with our regular and potential customers will be our number one priority. -> We hope for a better future for the whole world!

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