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we extend your team

As a continually evolving IT consultancy agency, quality is our main trade. We are located in Poland, which comes top in the rankings of tech-focused companies, according to many sources like HackerRank or Pentalog. When it comes to services, we offer flexible solutions, carefully crafted to fit the demands of your project.    
We began our journey as a start-up, and have since grown into a thriving, dynamic company. Our coders are professional and highly trained engineers, graduates of Computer Science and related subjects. We hire developers with excellent English — foreign languages are a vital part of education in Poland, which results in a high average level of English mastery among our IT professionals. We have a long track record when it comes to working with companies from various European and North American countries, and with our iterative approach to software development, working around any time differences is definitely possible.

Our key to success

Cooperation model that we offer is a so-called extended team model. It is not a usual approach.


Working with our clients, we follow the so-called extended team model. We aim for our developers to integrate with our client’s team, keeping them in the loop at every stage of the development process. Contrary to traditional outsourcing workflows, we encourage our clients to assume total control over the work. We never hesitate to ask questions and consult important decisions, making sure the product comes out exactly the way our clients imagined it. We are here to support you with our knowledge, experience, and robust practical development skills.

We are committed to creating a friendly and energetic atmosphere in our workplace — our devs are satisfied in their work, and weekly team meetings and integration parties make for fantastic team spirit. We’re able to coordinate operations over an extended period, but are also perfectly capable of pulling together for a laser-focused sprint when the situation calls for extraordinary effort.


Communication at your fingertips

Our cooperation will usually be remote. Long-distance arrangements rely on communication tools.


As our cooperation with clients is for the most part conducted over vast distances, we rely on an array of communication tools to keep these relationships flexible and satisfying. We hold video conferences with clients, allow clients to track our work with task-tracking software, host screen-share sessions and keep clients up to date via instant messaging. Each project has one of us in charge of the communication, the planning and the reviewing. We strive to gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ expectations, and keep them up to date on our progress when making these plans a reality.

At, we use the Agile methodology to keep our projects on track. This approach advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, empirical knowledge, and continual improvement. It also encourages rapid and flexible response to any change. In our company, we promote five core values: commitment, focus, openness, respect, and courage. Our developers are encouraged to take the initiative and often offer valuable and creative insight into our clients’ projects.

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