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Perry Story

Mobile application for real estate agents to elevate their presence on social media.

Video templates for Stories, Reels, and Posts specifically designed for real estate agents to promote their listings while on-the-go!

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Discover your next favorite band and more music you love! 

Forté is an exciting new evolution in the future of the music industry. The simplest way of explaining Forté is to imagine it as a dating app for music. The matchmaking we do is between you and your next favorite band. We play you a snippet from an artist based on your musical tastes. If you like what you hear, swipe right! If it’s not your cup of tea, swipe left.

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OpX Platform

Robust web application for enterprises to provide a digital environment to conduct online courses for their employees

The e-learning platform allows organizations to create their learning path related to operational excellence or any internal processes. Through an intuitive and well-designed interface, the couches of a given organization can prepare their tailored Learning Journeys that are divided into modules, including videos, downloadable materials, quizzes, and assignments making learning much easier. The progress of learning can be tracked by the participants, couches and sponsors thanks to an automated reporting system. The project is an SAAS platform written in Ruby on Rails and hosted on Heroku and AWS. The app integrates multiple APIs such as Google Analytics or SCORM Cloud and more.

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A Mobile App for Travelers and Tourists.

Tourmeric is a mobile application for travelers and tourists. The tool offers a new way of planning the trips in the biggest European cities allowing to indicate the best itinerary. The user can select the destination, duration, and distance of travel as well as gain information about landmarks located in the chosen city. Based on the given preferences, the algorithm indicates the best route and geographically close alternatives. The application has free and premium versions available on the iOS and Android stores. The project is an open-source cross-platform written in React Native with the backend in Ruby on Rails. The app integrates multiple APIs such as Google, FB, Apple, TomTom, Auth0, Stripe.

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Competitive intelligence tool.

Rival is a competitive intelligence tool for marketers, UX researchers, and entrepreneurs. The platform captures changes on websites across many different areas of business. A registered user can create a list of websites they want to follow, where they can track and monitor every change made by their competition.

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Personalized content paths for every business to binge on top of funnel content.

PaperPath is a piece of software that makes running a campaign simple and accessible to all. It allows the user to add personalized content and use on-page engagement tools through an intuitive and well-thought-out web interface. After the registration process, the user defines what data they want to collect and what content they want to deliver. Once a Path campaign is created, its implementation is as easy as including a code snippet or a WordPress plugin in their own website. Thanks to Paperpath's traffic tracking functionalities, the performance of specific Paths can be analysed. The content leveraged by the prospects is also available for inspection. This information gives a clear picture of what content is downloaded and what impact it has. PaperPath also gives you the insight into your content's popularity among the users.

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Personalized content paths for every business to binge on top of funnel content.

Eventshaper is a web application for organizers of conferences and events. It started in 2013 as a simple registration form, and by 2017 it became a working product that solved the majority of the problems an event organizer could expect. Eventshaper takes care of creating an event website, collecting participants’ registrations, accepting payments, communicating with participants, efficiently checking attendance, creating participants' business cards and providing many other tools necessary for hosts. The website generator allows quick creation of standalone websites for an event, allowing organizers to set off promoting right away. A simple editor allows users to customize all the various page sections (e.g. the list of speakers, partners, sponsors, the agenda and other details) to suit their needs. The idea was to make website creation easy for those of us who have little to no knowledge of HTML and computer science in general. With Eventshaper, it only takes a few easy steps for the user to set up their own website, as well as create personalized identifiers, electronic tickets, and participation certificates. The service also includes a built-in mailing module, from where one can send invitations and updates about the event. The heart of the system was the registration form, which could be adapted to the a user’s needs. The organizer decides what questions they want to ask his guests — apart from the basic information, this could be a question about accommodation, food options or a participant’s t-shirt size. This form was integrated with payments, and then it could appear on the website generated by the system, or on the organizer's own website. The system also allowed to check the attendance of participants at an event at many places at the same time using QR codes, and after the event is complete the organizer could use the service for issuing invoices, participation diplomas and gathering feedback. This whole system was available in two languages — Polish and English — and was adapted to all mobile devices. The interface was highly intuitive and did not cause a problem to any of the users.

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Self scaling carpark management system for 1000 spaces with built-in financial and accounting system.

CarPark is a web application created as a tool for remarkably swift and convenient car park management. After logging in to an administrative account, an intuitive interface leads the user through supervising arrivals and departures, while offering quick access to price calculation, assigning discounts and annual tickets. What's more, customer invoices and monthly summaries can be generated both periodically and on demand. Watchman accounts allow for the manual creation of car entry and exit records, as well as a real-time preview of free and taken parking spaces. All these functionalities are presented within a calming dark theme and a simple, senior-friendly layout, making 24-hour exploitation an easy task. Our developers' synergy fueled by brainstorming and free flow of ideas resulted in highly efficient software, which utilizes the most optimal solutions to ensure swift and steady communication between GUI and the associated database.

Technologies we used:


Web data extraction

Over 10 million commercial websites data rows extracted in just 90 minutes, utilizing in-house  automatic ReCaptcha bypass solution

TDCM is an extended dev team that is not afraid of challenges. Among all of the solutions we have delivered so far, web-scraping has a special place in our hearts. Every project we have implemented from within that spectrum brought our customers the ease of controlling their businesses and outcomes. Moreover, each of them started with very custom requirements, which we were able to meet. Whether it’s several records per month or millions per week, data health always plays a fundamental role. We always start with a discussion stage in which we gather and analyze needs and expectations. As soon as the goals are clear, the design phase begins, where every decision is carefully weighed. After that, the implementation is just a formality. An essential factor of every successful project, though, is communication. Needs might change over time, new issues are likely to arise as time goes by and the key is to keep up with them. So, how do we manage that? To bring a structure to life is one thing, but to maintain its operability is where the fun part begins. To assure data quality, we utilized custom server applications based on Node.js that would validate, process and shape the scraped information to the desired format, then eventually deliver it to the agreed-upon destination. We ensure the continuous functioning of every workflow with scheduled automatic test suites that notify our team about any problem or malfunction. This enables us to provide quick and accurate reactions in the event of failure, and we are proud to say that it has never taken more than 48 hours to get our systems back up and running at full speed. Continuous monitoring of the data sources is established, which turns out to be crucial in preventing most of the issues. All of those combined with swift communication results in seamless and smooth experiences for our clients. Keeping track of the reviews gets out of hand? Bogged down with repetitive operations? Monitoring the market overwhelms you? The solution is within your reach. Contact us!

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Website optimization

Up to 98/100 points (PC) in PageSpeed Insights for commercial sites and always over 80 for both Mobile and PC.

Right from our website’s earliest days, we pay careful attention to providing the best possible user experience and continuously seek space for improvements. We value your time. Therefore, we optimized our website to consume as little broadband as possible, resulting in short rendering times. This happened to be the crucial factor for mobile devices — a vast majority of our visitor base. To ensure a smooth user flow, additional, more lightweight versions of resources are utilized, while the critical ones are successfully inlined. We followed the “you aren’t gonna need it” principle here as well, so the code and requests are limited to just what is essential. The less kilobytes, the less you wait. And the result? Google PageSpeed Insights rate is 93/100, which confirms us to be user-friendly. YSlow grades the website with 84/100 points, placing it way above the average. What’s the use of having even the most brilliant webiste, if it’s difficult to look up? A good SEO is indisputably a must for any successful place on the Internet, and it can’t be achieved overnight. Technical efficiency obviously comes first, but the right content is even more important, hence we’re maintaining the balance between it being interesting to the reader and appropriate to the search engines. Minding the former, we’ve prepared our website to be convenient for those with sensory impairments, keeping the structures logical and predictable, which is also impactful to the search results.

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