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  • Writer's pictureDaniel Dereń response to COVID-19

Support for our partners is critical in times of coronavirus.

The unprecedented events which unfolded over the last months resulted in lockdowns being enforced in countries all around the globe. COVID-19 not only impacts our personal life, requiring us to #stayathome, but it shifts the work model, pulling professionals out of offices and into remote work. can help your company make this transition efficiently and smoothly.

This is not easy

These are difficult times, with a lot of uncertainty in the market. Some partners are forced to limit their spendings, and everyone needs to pay careful attention to costs. In circumstances like these, it is difficult to take the leap and start a new venture.

What now?

Let’s carefully consider the situation. Freezing up and putting everything on hold might not be the way to go. These turbulent times may offer an opportunity to get ahead of the competition by being the one to act while so many others are paralyzed with indecision and fear. You need to think about how to do this effectively. Hearing about companies going out of business can be demotivating, and can leave us blind and insensitive to new opportunities. Businesses and professionals are increasingly taking their business online. New talent is now available remotely, and establishing new business connections is no longer bound by geographic circumstances to the same degree.

We are here to help

It is clear that a paradigm shift is taking place. COVID-19 forces a change in people's behavior regardless of their geographical longitude and latitude. Companies have little choice but to adapt and embrace new communication patterns. This can pose a significant challenge — a challenge we at TDCM can help you face and overcome. Over the last years, we have been consistently migrating our company to the distributed workforce model and have been operating remote-first for over four years now. Thanks to this, the current pandemic has much less of an impact on us than it would have otherwise. We have procedures and workflows in place which allow us to work efficiently and cooperate smoothly without the need for physical colocation. As your partner, we can help you build your product from the ground up or continue the development where you were forced to pause.

COVID-19 reduced rate

As our way to support startups and organizations, we have reduced our rates for software development by 15%. You can reach out to us with project ideas, and we will help you evaluate the development costs free of charge. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Evaluate your project

How we communicate

If you are curious to learn more about our communication model take a look at this article where we outline our working strategy in more detail.

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