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Communication tools

The foundation of team collaboration.

Nowadays technology is developing faster than ever. And owing to this, possible ways of communication are also evolving. Daily, we have opportunities that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Today, it is common to talk for hours on Skype with a family or friends living abroad. Business trends also look similar. Recruitment conversations carried out by online communicators are becoming more and more popular, and thanks to technology, remote work has become possible and very comfy.

To work together, you must communicate.

There are many tools for online business communication. And by communication, I do not mean only Skype or other applications used for talking or video conferencing. For a modern software house there are a lot of crucial functionalities, and sometimes even more important than having a conversation. But do we need a communication tool? We can all communicate easily enough when we are sitting next to each other in the office, but what if we are working remotely, working asynchronously or in different time zones?

Projects often go off the rails because of simple misunderstandings – because conversations that should happen, do not happen. So, communication tools can help facilitate conversations that can help with solving the challenge we all face of making sure everyone is up to date.

Understand and be understood.

Despite employees working remotely, which can be beneficial, but also difficult when it comes to communicating, the most disturbing is working with other companies. In TDCM it happens a lot. But it’s not a problem for us. Our way to deal with these problems is proper communication apps. Those tools act as a virtual, online meeting room for team members. They help our team have conversations, exchange crucial project data, update others with progress, share files, and create work collaboratively.

Which applications we couldn’t do without? We need to mention Slack in the first place. This is where most of our daily conversations take place. Here’s where we talk, laugh and exchange the latest and most important information in two shakes. No matter if you are our worker or client – you will always keep abreast with everything that is going on. Owing to that, we’re able to serve Extended Development Team services. As our customer, you will always have the impression that we are just next to you.

In synch with us.

What will make you feel that we're next to you? Seeing our lovely faces! It’s possible thanks to Zoom, the leader in modern enterprise video communications. You can arrange a meeting with us anytime, you can record it for absent colleagues, you can take part in a one-on-one call with anyone. It’s a perfect solution for a synchronous meeting, either with other employees or companies.

Jira is one of the most useful software for companies. It allows not only to monitor the progress of current projects but also to manage your team effectively. Jira has become of the best solutions for managing teams and processes in any industry. Besides, it is a great motivational tool and can teach us discipline. We do not have to go from desk to desk asking what is the status of specific tasks. Just take a look at the platform and voilà - we have access to all the information that is necessary for everyday work.

Talking about project information, it’s obvious that the most vital data for software house is the code. And where to keep the code, if not on GitHub? This platform gives immediate access to the latest version of currently developed code and allows to collect really large amounts of code in one place. Available for everyone with proper permissions, making exchanging the code as easy as a piece of cake. Now we know where to keep code, but where is the place for other stuff, like documentation or Excel files? Google Docs! Yes, this is that simple. Currently, it’s one of the best solutions for keeping important data in one place, perfectly sorted, with adjustable access options. What’s more, docs can be edited simultaneously by many people. Working together remotely has never been so simple.

Great efficiency, better solutions.

Let’s be honest, leading (or being a part of) a successful team is a demanding task, being able to to quickly and easily have discussions to provide clarification and direction are important. Having the right info is crucial, of course, but having it at the right time is perfection, and these tools are here to help you get things done, through clear and timely team communication. Nowadays, being online and connected with every team member is not a luxury, but a standard—and a good one at that.

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