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Our team at TDCM has some exciting news to announce!

Clutch Recognizes TDCM Amongst Poland’s top Web Developers for 2020.

Our team at TDCM has some exciting news to announce! Our CEO just got off the phone with Carter Meetze from Clutch, who let us know that Clutch just awarded us as one of the top web developers for 2020! Investing in web development for your small business is more important now than ever, which is why we’re honored to be listed as one of Poland’s best web developers for 2020 by Clutch!

“We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the top B2B companies from Poland by Clutch!” - Daniel Deren, CEO of

Clutch is the world’s leading B2B ratings and reviews platform! Located in the heart of the historic DuPont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC, Clutch has a dedicated team that independently verifies each and every review that they conduct with verified clients from around the world. Clutch is the gold standard for ratings and reviews for B2B service providers, which is why we’re incredibly honored that Clutch’s 2020 research shows us as one of the best developers in all of Poland!

We love to show off our perfect 5.0-star rating on Clutch! We have received only perfect score 5.0-star reviews from our satisfied clients, a testament to our consistent quality work.

In a recent review, the CEO of Northern Foundry, Tyler Logtenberg, praised the software and architecture development and design implementation for two different projects for his venture capital project. Our effective cost estimates and deft handling of issues that arose throughout the project both were specifically highlighted, as was our team’s ability to integrate smoothly and quickly.

“They have strong internal processes and leadership that allow them to not require any oversight whatsoever from my team. Their responsiveness to bugs, issues, or tweaks was very transparent and quick as well.” – Tyler Logtenberg

We’re incredibly blessed to be listed amongst Poland’s top web and app developers for 2020 by Clutch!

Please contact us today to see how you can join our many satisfied customers today.


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