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The simplest way of explaining Forté is to imagine it as a dating app for music. The matchmaking we do is between you and your next favorite band. We play you a snippet from an artist based on your musical tastes. If you like what you hear, swipe right! If it’s not your cup of tea, swipe left.


Our vision is to make it easier for you to discover more music you love, using an algorithm that slowly learns your musical taste, while at the same time giving artists and musicians all over the world an incredibly powerful platform on which you can completely own and control the rights to your music. A symbiotic relationship that makes it easier for artists to be discovered by new fans, and gives those fans the ability to directly support and be involved with their favorite artists.


On Forté, artists will have access to their own unique ‘micro-website’ called a Poster, which serves as a business card of sorts for people who have “swiped right” on their profile. Featured singles and links to video clips, social media, online store, tickets to shows and more can be found here.


For the fans - it's a fresh and engaging way to explore and discover new music you love.


For the artists - it’s an invaluable tool in your arsenal. The central hub of your musical universe.

Forté. Get Loud.


React Native, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Auth0, Redis, AWS






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