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Eventshaper is a web application for organizers of conferences and events. It started in 2013 as a simple registration form, and by 2017 it became a working product that solved the majority of the problems an event organizer could expect. Eventshaper takes care of creating an event website, collecting participants’ registrations, accepting payments, communicating with participants, efficiently checking attendance, creating participants' business cards and providing many other tools necessary for hosts. The website generator allows quick creation of standalone websites for an event, allowing organizers to set off promoting right away. A simple editor allows users to customize all the various page sections (e.g. the list of speakers, partners, sponsors, the agenda and other details) to suit their needs. The idea was to make website creation easy for those of us who have little to no knowledge of HTML and computer science in general. With Eventshaper, it only takes a few easy steps for the user to set up their own website, as well as create personalized identifiers, electronic tickets, and participation certificates. The service also includes a built-in mailing module, from where one can send invitations and updates about the event. The heart of the system was the registration form, which could be adapted to the a user’s needs. The organizer decides what questions they want to ask his guests — apart from the basic information, this could be a question about accommodation, food options or a participant’s t-shirt size. This form was integrated with payments, and then it could appear on the website generated by the system, or on the organizer's own website. The system also allowed to check the attendance of participants at an event at many places at the same time using QR codes, and after the event is complete the organizer could use the service for issuing invoices, participation diplomas and gathering feedback. This whole system was available in two languages — Polish and English — and was adapted to all mobile devices. The interface was highly intuitive and did not cause a problem to any of the users.


Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Backbone.js, JQuery, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, AWS, Heroku




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