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CarPark is a web application created as a tool for remarkably swift and convenient car park management. After logging in to an administrative account, an intuitive interface leads the user through supervising arrivals and departures, while offering quick access to price calculation, assigning discounts and annual tickets. What's more, customer invoices and monthly summaries can be generated both periodically and on demand. Watchman accounts allow for the manual creation of car entry and exit records, as well as a real-time preview of free and taken parking spaces. All these functionalities are presented within a calming dark theme and a simple, senior-friendly layout, making 24-hour exploitation an easy task. Our developers' synergy fueled by brainstorming and free flow of ideas resulted in highly efficient software, which utilizes the most optimal solutions to ensure swift and steady communication between GUI and the associated database.


Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Docker, RSpec